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50 Views!!!! yahhhh



I am totally over joyed at getting 50 views! this don’t look like a lot to some that have been doing this a long time, but to me it’s like swimming the whole ocean in four days.

As a young child i use to sit outside and write short stories. I would show them to my teachers and anyone else who would take the time to read them. Most of the time, after people would read them they wouldn’t say how good it was, they would just correct my mistakes. All i wanted was a simple encouragement to help me improve. This went on for my grammar school days. After grammar school i stopped showing them to anyone to avoid hearing how bad they were. When i got in middle school it was clear that no one wanted to be a fan of someone that did not give them the attention also. So, i stopped writing!

My grammar was not the only thing that was hard for me when i went to high school. Reading aloud was a nightmare! i would get so nervous that i would actually shake. If i knew it was my turn to read i would act sick or go to the bathroom really fast. The very thought of making a mistake and hearing all the kids laugh at me was haunting. In biology, the teacher called on me to read and he actually laughed…. after class he told me to get some help because i would never make it through college!! How do you take that in today’s world, when the only good jobs require college.

Little did that teacher know!!! My first year in college i had an amazing teacher! (tears are swelling in my eyes as i even mention her) She was my English teacher. The first day i sat in the back and prayed she wouldn’t call on me. That night she messaged me and asked why i looked so scared. So, i told her my fear about reading…. and she didn’t laugh! Instead she said, “I understand. I will not call on you to read”….. Wow! i was in shock,, this could be a good year. My first essay i didn’t try much, i just wrote. She messaged me the next day and wanted to see me… I was so scared she was going to tell me i needed to go to a special class. When i went to see her she was smiling when she said, “i loved your essay”. she even wanted to move me up. What!!!???

She had such a impact on my life. I wish i could do something huge to show her that, but i have no idea where she is.

Today i write all the time. Before i go to bed i read and write about what i read. Then, i write on here. The greatest joy came over me when i was asked to teach a class at our church for one night… Teaching almost 100 teens! I was happy because i knew i could do it! and i got up there and taught like a boss! i never once stuttered over a word!

Now to see people read what i write and to really enjoy themselves…well, that’s just unheard of! who knew i would get the chance to write again… and truly get to say i overcame! Thank you so much for reading, I am honored to write for you!


Author: housewifeparttime

Im a Part time House Wife and a full time student!!! My life is crazy. I get a good laugh out of it, So i thought you should too

15 thoughts on “50 Views!!!! yahhhh

  1. With 50 views, I don’t think you need any advice on blogging. I am lucky to get that many after more than a month of blogging. lol You obviously don’t have to worry about what to write. Some of us struggle with that. We may have ideas but takes forever to organize and get it out there.

    Of course not every blog is for everybody. When I started I was LIKING everything I read. I guess that is what you are suppose to do to get your name out there. But you know what? I don’t like every thing I read. And there is no sense following someone or having them follow me is there is nothing in common. I really am happy with a few followers and a few comments. I want to engage with others through the comments.

    I like blogs that are short. Too much and I start skimming.

    It is amazing how one person in our lives can have such an impact. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact they had until later in life when we think back. I am sure the kindness and understanding of your teacher will be the motivation for you to do the same for others.

    • So true! I completely, completely agree with you mixedupmeme!

    • I have only found a few writers that I can read there whole blogs and enjoy it, but when I do I go to there page VERY OFTEN! I talk like I write, so I can always write, a lot!
      Oh, my teach has made me stretch out my wings that’s for sure! There is a school in my town known for drugs,, killings, and just mischief. So, when I got to pick what school I wanted to help I ran for the one school no one else went for! And I found many students like me, that just wanted some encouragement! 🙂

  2. Two things I want to say –

    1 I so understand your delight at getting 50 views! I’ve been blogging a bit longer than you (started last November) but I still become excited about people actually finding my blog interesting! I agree with mixedupmeme too about choosing to follow blogs that really interest you and commenting on them, discovering if you have a virtual friend out there whose mind clicks with yours.

    2 I am so glad you found a good teacher who cared about you and who recognised your talents. If only all teachers could do that! If you can track that teacher down she would be so thrilled. I have a few pupils who have found me through Facebook and told me good stuff and it’s such a thrill to know I did some good!

    I like blogs that are short too – and here I’ve written more than I ever write in my blog! Hope you get to the end of this! 🙂

  3. I was sent here via a link on another site. You’re apparently becoming a hit. So, whatever you do, don’t go changing on us now. Keep writing just as you do because it’s wonderful to read and it’s easy to see that it comes from your heart. You ARE a great writer.

  4. hi. i’m here because grundle asked me to

  5. Whatever you do or become in the future, keep writing! You are interesting and can tell the story whatever story you choose. Good Luck Shawna!

  6. I think you might have a few more views by tomorrow, as I asked a few people to read your blog.

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